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A fully integrated Web3 ecosystem where Humans of the Metaverse holders will be able to spend $HOTM (our proprietary ERC-20 token) in a constantly increasing number of ways, providing long-term value and utility to holders as the city grows.
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What is the MetaCity?
The MetaCity is a metaverse-type project that aims to constitute the basis of how marketing, collaborations and exploring are done within the NFT space, while also providing value to its holders.

The ERC-20 token that governs the economy of the whole ecosystem. All interactions with the MetaCity and all the features it provides will be done based on $HOTM, thus providing long term value and utility for the token.

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Real Estate

A never-ending city that provides utility in a fun and engaging way for the holders. A place for other NFT projects to build and create communities.

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One of the best alpha groups out there. Our focus is to collaborate only with projects that align with these standards. The Alpha group is governed by specialists that review and interview projects.

MetaCity Academics
Q4 2021

Humans of the Metaverse is for NFT veterans and newcomers alike.  Our Web3 academy will provide
exclusive content from nft experts, artists, developers, marketing specialists, and more, all who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with the residents of the Metacity.

The academy will host exclusive articles, discussions, training videos, podcasts, and more.

Like all buildings and experiences in the Metacity, the content of the academy will cost
$HOTM, so make sure you save up!  School can be expensive…

Even though NFTs are considered investment assets, art should still be one of the primary sources of interest within this space.

The MetaCity Museum will serve as a launchpad for highly talented artists to make a name for themselves.

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