Are you human?

Humans of the Metaverse is a collection of 6,500 unique Meta Humans NFTs, stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Each resident of the Metaverse will represent a unique composition from over 200 traits collected from  the most notable and influential personalities aggregated from all temporal spaces.

We are creating the Metacity- a fully integrated Web3 ecosystem where HOTM token holders will be able to spend $HOTM (our proprietary ERC-20 token) in an increasing number of ways, providing long-term value and utility to holders as the city grows.


ERC-20 Token & Staking
1 week after the sale

Each Human of the Metaverse will have a job trait, embedded in their metadata, that will determine their generation rate of our $HOTM token. By staking you will receive your salary (in $HOTM). $HOTM Tokens will be able to be spent in a variety of ways throughout our fully integrated Web3 platform.

You can read more about $HOTM in our

December 2021

What is a city without a place to live?

Humans will have the ability to purchase
land and homes in the Metacity exclusively with $HOTM. Interaction with land and homes will all be fully integrated and accessible within our web3 ecosystem.
Q1 2022

The MetaCity Decentralized bank is funded with 10% from our initial public offering, and a continuing 50% of all secondary sale royalties.

The Metacity is run by the people, for the people.  Our Dao will be a democracy- our community will help determine and guide the direction of the team's development plans, partnerships, and expenditures.

The Metacity Bank DAO will serve as the source of charitable donations, onboarding new developers and artists, and more.

MetaCity Academics
Q4 2021

Humans of the Metaverse is for NFT veterans and newcomers alike.  Our Web3 academy will provide
exclusive content from nft experts, artists, developers, marketing specialists, and more, all who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with the residents of the Metacity.

The academy will host exclusive articles, discussions, training videos, podcasts, and more.

Like all buildings and experiences in the Metacity, the content of the academy will cost
$HOTM, so make sure you save up!  School can be expensive…
1/1 ART
Q1 2022

The Museum will host art auctions of
exclusive 1/1 artwork NFT’s, all using our native currency $HOTM for bidding.

Expect collaborations with well-known artists, transpositions of other artwork into the HOTM art style, and more!

MetaCity Utopia
Phase 2

MetaCity aims to be the perfect city.  We will continue implementing new buildings in the city that provide value to Humans of the Metaverse holders.

Hazer, the creator of the new world, has been working for years in order to develop his unique style.
His vision will mold the new generations of the Metaverse with respect to the current humans living on Earth.
You can read more about Hazer's vision in our article

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